E.P.I.C. Teen Pro-Life Group

E.P.I.C. (Every Person Is Cherished) is a Charlotte pro-life group started by teens for teens. You can follow their blog and check them on Facebook. Read more about the group here.

Mission statement:

We, the E.P.I.C. Teen Pro-Life Group, dedicate our lives & service to promoting a culture of life. We will work for the salvation of souls & the protection of life in all its stages. By the grace of God, we will accomplish this through prayer, sacrifice, & volunteer work at pro-life events. Vivat Culturam Vitae!

***All teens ages 13 through 19 are encouraged to join***


Ways to become involved with E.P.I.C.:

1. Join us on the sidewalk at A Preferred Women’s Health Center (3220 Latrobe Dr., Charlotte, 28211) on Saturdays from 8:30am-9:30am. Our next dates for 2017 are August 26th (Fr. Peter Ascik will be joining us), September 23rd (Fr. Matthew Bean will be joining us), October 28th, November 18th, and December 16th.

2. Resolve daily to pray for the conversion of the souls involved in the ending of human life.

3. Help organize an annual Youth Pro-life  Conference in our diocese.

4. Bravely proclaim the Gospel of Life everywhere you go by doing even the smallest things such as wearing a pro-life t-shirt or carrying a Rosary in your pocket.

Please contact theepicgroup12 (at) gmail.com for more info!epic

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