Are you looking for ways to be more involved in the pro-life community in Charlotte? There are so many ways to volunteer, no matter what amount of time, talent, or resources you are able to donate.

Below you will find a list of specific ways to get involved with the various Catholic pro-life ministries. You can also contact us if you would like to learn more or be involved in our C-PLAN meetings. You can also check out our upcoming events page to begin your involvement now.



Mary Garden Showers seeks to empower and encourage women in crisis pregnancies.  We believe that providing love and support through a baby shower assists the mother in celebrating the joy of motherhood and the new life that God has given her.

Tangible ways to get involved:

1. Attend a Baby Shower – Showing up shows the Mother that you care!  Visit our website for more information about how to attend upcoming showers.  All are welcome!  We occasionally have had the baby’s Father attend, which is a great opportunity for him to connect with men from the Church as well.

2. Shop Our Registries –  We help each Mother select items for her very own gift registry, providing baby care information and tips along the way.  You can shop online or in store and the gifts will be provided at the shower location.  View open registries on our website.

3.  Become a Sponsor Group – Our sponsor groups have the unique opportunity and privilege of growing in friendship with these strong and courageous women.  As a sponsor group you will attend the registry outing and provide refreshments & décor at the shower.  You’ll also have opportunities to shower the Mother and baby with love after the shower if you wish!  Any group of people can apply to be a sponsor group.  Contact us for more information.

4.  Sign Up for Our Newsletter – You’ll be notified of upcoming showers, times we’re in need of volunteers, and when new baby registries open up for shopping.  You’ll also receive pictures and stories from baby showers.  Sign up on our website.

5.  Bring Mary Garden Showers to Your Church – We are creating a network of baby showers.  There are so many Mothers in crisis pregnancies who can benefit from this kind of love and support.  Contact us for more information about starting a chapter of this ministry at your church!  We’ve prepared a Handbook to help you get started and can connect you with a network of supporters.



The Helpers of God’s Precious Infants – Charlotte chapter organizes Eucharist-centered prayer at our local abortion clinics by hosting a Procession for Life four times a year, led by one of our diocesan priests.

Tangible ways to get involved:

1. Promote & attend the Procession for Life – On our website you’ll find our procession schedule, including a printable flier to share, and a sign up for our email newsletter. We would love to see attendance continue to grow at these events with people organizing their own groups to attend.

2. Be a Sidewalk Counselor – The Helpers of God’s Precious Infants began with Msgr. Reilly in New York City, a veteran, full-time, pro-life warrior responsible in part for shutting down many New York abortion clinics. He has a particular method for being an effective witness on the sidewalk, and you will find his training videos on our website. Once you view them we can connect you with his written materials and hands-on training with one of our local sidewalk counselors.



Rachel’s Vineyard is a ministry of Priest’s for Life which organizes healing retreats for men and women suffering from the trauma of abortion. These weekend retreats are sponsored regularly in the Diocese of Charlotte.

Tangible ways to get involved:

1. Spread the Word – Many who are suffering from the pain of abortion, whether as the parents or as family members, do not know that there is healing offered in this wonderful and effective ministry. If you know someone who was affected by abortion, please share with them the upcoming retreats listed here.

2. Volunteer & Donate – If you have a heart for reaching out to those who have been affected by abortion, please consider donating or volunteering to support Rachel’s Vineyard retreats.



E.P.I.C. is a pro-life group started by teens for teens. They organize to pray monthly at our local abortion clinics, host an annual teen pro-life conference, and volunteer for pro-life work.

Tangible ways to get involved:

1. Participate – Spread the word about E.P.I.C. to teens you know, and encourage them to join us on the last Saturday of every month prayer vigil at Latrobe abortion mill. Contact theepicgroup12 (at) gmail.com for info.

2. Volunteer – Help us organize an annual Youth Pro-life Conference in our diocese each summer. We also regularly volunteer with various pro-life functions, contact us for information on upcoming opportunities.

3. Pray & Evangelize – Resolve daily to pray for the conversion of the souls involved in the ending of human life. Bravely proclaim the Gospel of Life everywhere you go by doing even the smallest things such as wearing a pro-life t-shirt or carrying a Rosary in your pocket.


A Culture of Life in our city begins with prayer. Consider signing up for Perpetual Adoration at St. Gabriel’s, which is located a very short distance from the busiest abortion clinic in Charlotte, or St. Mark’s. Please pray for mothers and fathers considering abortion, for those affected by abortion, for abortion workers, and for pro-life workers.

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